About adapted

adapted was started to serve as a place where we could take care of ideas that did not fit into our day jobs. First and foremost we want to develop apps for youths with learning disabilities.

There is now a paradigm shift where you go from specially developed hardware / software to the more common products such as smartphones and tablets. There is already a lot out there but unfortunately it's mostly very static and downright ugly.

We want to use our backgrounds in advertising and IT providing smarter apps that adapts to the individual and not the other way round.

Andreas Olsson

Hick who thinks that programming is like doing carpentry. Loving thejavascript boom! Suddenly, the rejected language is as hot as a skillet. And free as well!

Email: andreas.olsson@adapted.se
Twitter: @reasando


Daniel Solving

Long distance running father of three with a strong interest in digital strategies and communications. Loving the concepts of Lean Startups.

Email: daniel.solving@adapted.se
Twitter: @dsolving


About a picture - a speech therapy app

When Daniel's son Olle (with diagnosis Fragile-X) needed speech therapy, we received among several tools a talking photo album. The album served as so that, for each image we could record a description. When Olle flipped through the album, he would train his speech by describing the image, with the support of our recording. As Olle's speech developed, the more details we could put in describing the picture.

This was a great tool for Olle but unfortunately we were poor at introducing new pictures, remember to practice and also Olle thought the album was a bit analog. As we saw how Olle used Daniel's iPhone, this idea was born.

The target audience for the app is everyone that need to train their speech, both in pronunciation and sentence length. We also believe that the app can be used for social stories, perhaps even serve as a simple image map.


"A simple and personal tool for language development of the younger, based on images that are important to the user. The jury sees potential for a several areas of use with images in focus."

- Winners of The Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology's Developer Challenge 2012


We do not believe in closed rooms. We also do not believe that we have all the great ideas. We do believe however that we can help develop good ideas and make them better and realized. We would like to hear your ideas and point of view so that we can learn more and provide a better service. So why don't you get in touch? Start by clicking below.

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